House Rules

Hello everyone, and thanks for playing my first game GM’ing with Pathfinder (or for that matter, period)! I’ve just got a few rules that I’d like to follow to keep everything running smoothly, so that we can have as much fun as we can without descending into lengthy arguments.

First and foremost, I’ll only allow data on organizations and races from the Reference Document, and even then, I reserve the right to make executive decisions on whether I will include certain pieces of material. I realize that this will displease some of my players, but the Reference Document is the only piece of Pathfinder material most of the group will be able to access, and I think it’s only fair if everyone is on the same footing. Also, I mean to tell an original story, so being told that “x character wouldn’t commit y act because that contradicts z rulebook” will not do you any good.

I’m also going to ask that you all stay in character while we are focusing on the game. I expect that we will have a great deal of real life chatter while we play, and while I have no problem with this (quite the contrary, rather. If we can’t have fun, why are we playing the game?) I would like to keep story segments, deductions, and descriptions of combat sequences in character. This should keep things interesting, and enhance everyone’s immersion into the story and world.

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House Rules

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